Local Brewing Co.

July, 2017

It's official we're headed to Local Brewing Co,
the brewpub where you'll find no foe,
just passionate brewers with 16 beers in tow,
should you choose to drown your woe.

July has flown by oh so fast,
all those business cards we amassed,
Summerfest and SBOB were a blast,
hard to believe it's all in the past.

Now we focus on the road ahead,
to make solar energy widespread,
even where some prefer coal instead,
"We want solar", shout those states in red.

Our industry is growing, the numbers don't lie,
there's more solar than ever, GTM explains why,
with prices falling, it's cheaper to buy,
something even the naysayers can't deny.

There may be uncertainty abound,
while policies and politics confound,
we will not let these impound,
the true benefits of solar so profound.

So let's gather our solar community,
this Thursday in the city,
to celebrate our industry's beauty,
say cheers while we fortify our unity.


Intersolar Tweetup

July, 2017

A social media event and SolBC?
'No!' Some may cry and see the irony,
that goes against our club decree,
but this is a solar community,
plus there'll be beer for free!

The host is our good friend Tor,
the man with solar marketing lore,
providing us with beers and more,
just before the SBOB bands roar,
join us before your feet get sore!


Arthur Mac's

June, 2017

We're making are way back towards the bay,
Oakland is where it's at, that's what they say,
we'll be outside, hoping for a beautiful day,
to join together and lead the way.

The industry may be facing tough times,
"It's just not fair", some are inclined to whine,
but now's not the time for an eye turned blind,
we must work together, show the world how bright we can shine.

For let's not forget how far we've come,
celebrate all that we have done,
setting records while capturing the sun,
Who can stop us? That's right, no one!

From the pioneers of yesteryear,
to our present day solar peers,
take a moment to look in that rear mirror,
we won those fights despite the fear,
now we keep going, our next victory is near,
for we won't give up on what we hold dear.

So let's get together and lend an ear,
there's no telling what you may hear,
clink your glasses, say a cheer,
in the sunshine enjoy the local beer.


Change the Nation

January 29, 2015

Embarking on a new year,
locally brewed beer,
solar industry booming,
let's keep uniting.

We are fighting for what's right,
despite the naysayers' might,
bounds of energy shining down,
powering us for the next round.

Together we go stronger,
empowering each other for longer,
it starts with friendly conversation,
to truly change the nation.

Solar Beer Dreams

(to the tune of Christmas Waltz)

Frosted beer pint mugs
Bubbles gleaming inside
Girls wearing uggs in the street.

Beer Club's on the way
We're crossing the bay for beer
Beer for you and for me

It's that time of year
When we drink dark dark beer
Every cheers you hear
seems to say
"Solar Beer Club
is my new year dreams
come true"

And this poem of mine
With it's quirky lines,
Wishes you and yours
The same thing, too

Doesn't Feel Like Fall

Though it doesn't feel like fall quite yet,
Thanksgiving is fast approaching,
time to start moving, work up a sweat,
so our bellies don't start encroaching!

All of us solar friends live so near,
but vanishing hours prevent get togethers,
to spend time with friends we hold dear,
a chance to give thanks to each other.
give a toast, cheers our pints of beer,
and enjoy the company of one another.

Come to Solar Beer Club next week,
at Diving Dog in downtown Oakland,
talk shop with fellow solar geeks,
give or take a helping hand for lend,
or discover a new friend to meet,
and discuss the latest solar trends.

Thriller Distiller

(to the tune of Michael Jackson's Thriller)

It's close to beer night
and something evil's lurking in the park.
Under the moonlight
you see a sight that almost stops your heart,
you try to scream
but terror takes the sound before you make it,
you start to freeze
as horror looks you right between the eyes,
you're paralyzed

Cause it's distiller, distiller night
and no one's gonna save you from that third or fourth pint,
you know it's distiller, distiller night,
you're fighting for your beer inside a killer, distiller night.

You hear the tap slam
and realize there's tons of brews to choose,
you feel the chaps cram,
and wonder if you'll ever get some booze,
you close your eyes
and hope that this is just imagination,
but all the while
you hear it's just Hopwater Distribution
beer club time!

'Cause this is distiller, distiller night
There ain't no second chance against the thing with forty spouts,
Distiller, distiller night
You're fighting for you pint inside of killer, distiller night.

Darkness falls across the land
the beer club hour is close at hand
creatures crawl in search of brew
to terrorize your solar crew
and whosever shall be found
without the soul for getting ground
must stand and face oil tycoons of hell
and rot inside a corpes' shell
the foulest stench is in the air
the funk of forty thousand years
and grisly ghouls from every tomb
are closing in to seal your doom
and though you fight to stay alive
your body starts to shiver
for no mere mortal can resist
the evil of the distiller.

Frothy the Beerman

Frothy the Beerman was a jolly bubbly soul,

With a polished tap and a bottle cap nose

And two eyes made out of boll.

Frothy the Beerman is a fairy tale, they say,
He was made of beer but the brewers
Know how he came to life one day.

There must have been some magic in that
Old steel keg they found.
For when they poured his head did form
He began to dance around.

O, Frothy the Beerman
Was alive as he could be,
And the brewers say he could laugh
And drink just the same as you and me.

Gulpetty gulp gulp,
Gulpetty gulp gulp,
Look at Frothy drink.
Gulpetty gulp gulp,
Gulpetty gulp gulp,
The entire kitchen sink.Frothy the Beerman knew the pub was hot that day,
So he said, "Let's down this delicious brown

Now before I fizz away."
Up to the bar,
With a growler in his hand,
Drinking this and that

each and every tap

saying catch me if you can.

He led them down the aisles of kegs
Right to the brewmaster.
And he only paused a moment when
He heard him holler "Faster!"
For Frothy the Beerman
Had to hurry on his way,
But he waved goodbye saying,
"Don't you cry,
I'll be back again some day."

Gulpetty gulp gulp,
Gulpetty gulp gulp,
Look at Frothy drink.
Gulpetty gulp gulp,
Gulpetty gulp gulp,
As he continues to shrink.